Milestone #2 is achieved — We Move From Land to Sea! Ep. 2

Milestone #2 was met today by us moving out of our house! This was  preceded by many exhausting days of final packing. When did we acquire all  of this stuff? I long for my college days when I could move with one small  car load! Karen had done a great job of packing most of the house and  coordinating with the moving company for our sensitive furniture and  electronics. We were fortunate also that our renter, Margarita, wanted to  use most of our furniture, and that reduced the burden of the move out  tremendously.

This morning we finished up final packing and giving away food in the fridge,  hoping to get out of the house before Margarita showed up, but we ended  up overlapping for an hour. We were all a bit quite and reflective as her  belongings started filling the rooms that we had just emptied and the reality  of our move out started to appear. It will be 13 months before we sleep,  eat and shower in our home!

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Milestone #1 is achieved — Thalia leaves our yard! Ep. 1

Karen and I talked about three critical milestones for us to accomplish before we left on our trip. The first was getting Thalia ready for the haul to Portland. The second was getting moved out of the house. And, the third was actually leaving Portland on our boat. We accomplished the first milestone today! Thalia was hauled away from our yard! Today’s work started at 5am with both Karen and I rolling on a fresh coat of bottom paint on the hull. We needed to give it a couple hours to dry before Dayton Marine showed up mid-day for the two hour haul to Portland. They showed up as scheduled, along with an escort car that is required because of Thalia’s beam (width) of 14 feet. The escort car also has a pole mounted on the front of the car that checks for height issues along the way.


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